We got this far. Bottom line is that we want to be together. We just can’t given this distance and the way our lives are headed. Perhaps the universe has finally played it right in order to keep us away from each other. Perhaps our past choices have caught up to us and we’ve been … More Duele


Have you ever looked at something or someone that you KNOW will make you upset but you do it anyway? I do it all the time. I inflict pain and anger on myself- not because I think I deserve it- but because it’s something I just do. We like to lurk around social media, looking … More Enough

-self or -selves?

How do you give up something that you’ve worked so hard toward?  If you refuse, is that love or is it selfishness? Does your ability to move on reflect your heart or your mind? Does moving on soothe your feelings or do you just get used to the emptiness and nail boards over it? Finding … More -self or -selves?

And so..

You’re one of my best friends. Even after all this, I still care so deeply about you. I understand that people fuck up and that was your moment. I understand that you did want to be with me- you just couldn’t bear the thought of me holding onto us the way you felt you would. For … More And so..

What then?

I cried night after night after night, making up excuses for you as to why you didn’t want to meet me. I always felt like you preferred your friends over me. Well, I can’t compare myself to your friends, I just felt like you were tired of me, that you wanted a fresh start. I … More What then?